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Durango 6 month old brown spotted male

Updated: Jun 11

Durango 6 month old brown spotted male

Durango is a 6th generation cool toned brown Bengal born 12/6/23. His parents are Diesel and our 5th generation Savvy (retired from our program). Durango shows wonderful attributes to the breed including stunning contrasted glittered soft coat, horizontal rosette pattern, spotted legs, puffy whisker pads, dense well muscles body as well as gorgeous bright hazel eyes giving him a sought after wild look.

Not only is he beautiful, but shows an incredibly loving personality. He is very people oriented and loves to snuggle with you. He loves to be held and really enjoys cuddles with you on your chest or lap on the couch. He loves his belly rubs, neck massages and will often offer nuzzles and kisses. He really enjoys to sleep next to us and under the covers like a person. He will follow us around including being our bathroom buddy. Being that he is within his chewing phase he understands boundaries to not chew inappropriate items and enjoys his trachea chews as well as other toys. He does have a lot of energy and enjoys zoomies. He sleeps well through the night and enjoys quietly snuggling with us in the morning until we get up.

All the adults kitties he has met are very respectful and have a healthy perception of boundaries to not overwhelm baby Durango which will help him during his development to have a healthy perception of meeting cats. He would do best in a home with another young high energy cat that has a healthy understanding of boundaries to allow time for both to get comfortable and trust each other in order to build a lifelong friendship. He can also adjust well as being the only cat in the house with appropriate attention as well as offering plenty of enrichment items. He is also good with dogs and would enjoy a kind doggy friend.

He is also harness trained and does really well on car rides, he would make a great adventure kitty for someone that wants to bring him along while traveling or going on regular vacations. I feel that he would enjoy being a show cat for someone that is interested to show, we would be happy to mentor his family to be fully prepared for shows. For local families we would be happy to join them to show our cats together, making it a really fun experience. Showing is a great experience especially during the kitten stage for socialization as well as exposure to new environments that helps build his forever bond with you.

Additional videos of Durango:

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