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Savvy Mink Spotted Female Retired Adult

Updated: 20 hours ago

Introducing the exquisite Savvy, a coming 2-year-old seal spotted mink Bengal of remarkable lineage and beauty.

As a 5th generation, Savvy is the pinnacle of Bengal breed standards with her large, expressive round eyes, delicately spotted legs and toes, and a magnificently rosetted tail that speaks volumes of her distinguished genetics. Her wide nose bridge, straight profile, strong chin, and the plushness of her whisker pads are complemented by a captivating horizontal pattern flow, making her a standout specimen of her breed.

Born to the illustrious 4th generation seal mink Summit Bunny, affectionately known as "Bunny," and the 6th generation silver seal lynx Quadruple Grand Champion Elysian Valhallan Ice Warrior "Ragnarok," Savvy's heritage is nothing short of royal. Although she missed showcasing her splendor as a kitten, Savvy stepped into the adult show ring with grace and poise, swiftly earning her champion title and proving her exemplary breed qualities.

Beyond her physical allure, Savvy possesses a sweet, affectionate personality that endears her to all. She thrives on human interaction, offering kisses freely and loves to chat with those who speak to her. Her love extends to canine companions as well, showcasing her adaptable and loving nature.

Savvy dreams of finding a family that not only adores her, but may also be open to welcoming one of her delightful offspring, Durango or Tony Lama, into their hearts. Her calm energy and gentle playfulness make her an ideal companion for homes with other pets that share her peaceful demeanor.

Health is paramount for Savvy; she has been rigorously tested and cleared of any genetic issues, and her heart health has been certified by a board-certified cardiologist. As a mother, she has demonstrated exceptional nurturing abilities, caring for her litter with love and devotion.

As we make the difficult decision to downsize our program, we are seeking a loving forever home for Savvy. This is a unique opportunity to welcome not just a pet, but a true family member into your home. Savvy's blend of championship quality, heartwarming personality, and health assurance makes her the perfect addition to a loving family.

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