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Tony Lama 10 week old brown spotted male

Updated: 2 days ago

Introducing Tony Lama, named in homage to our delightful "cowboy boot brands" litter theme. Tony Lama is not just a stunning figure with his rounded hazel eyes that gleam with intelligence and warmth but also a remarkable specimen of his breed, thanks to his enchanting rosetted pattern. The rich brown of his coat plays beautifully against the inky black patterns, creating a visual spectacle that captures the essence of the wild encased within a domestic marvel.

What sets Tony Lama apart is not just his captivating appearance, but also the unique glitter gene he carries. This special genetic trait means the end of each hair shaft is hollow, catching and reflecting light in such a way that Tony Lama literally sparkles in the light. This magical shimmer adds an extraordinary dimension to his already striking coat, making him a living, breathing piece of art.

His body is adorned with features that tell tales of adventure and grace - a thick tail that sways with his movements, a lovely expression highlighted by white goggles that add depth and charm, large knuckles, and spotted toes that hint at his playful ventures. His nice profile, puffy whisker pads, and dense body showcase the breed's fine genetics and robust vitality.

Personality-wise, Tony Lama is a treasure trove of affection and energy. His sweet nature is evident in the kisses he generously gives and his preference for cuddling in laps, offering warmth and comfort. High energy and playfulness define his character, bringing vibrancy and joy wherever he goes. Tony Lama's curiosity and confidence propel him to explore and conquer his environment, especially when climbing cat trees, revealing his love for playful challenges and interaction.

With the glitter gene enhancing his physical allure, Tony Lama is more than just a kitten; he's a dazzling companion ready to light up your life with sparkle, affection, and adventure. His blend of energetic exploration and tender moments of love makes him the perfect addition to any family, promising a life filled with laughter, warmth, and the unique sparkle that only he can bring. Open your heart and home to Tony Lama, and embrace the unforgettable journey filled with love and glittering moments that lie ahead.

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