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Bougie Bengals Cattery

Bougie Bengals is a TICA registered Bengal breeding program started in 2019 and based in Tryon, North Carolina. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of health, social temperament and closest to the breed standard through progressive breeding and natural rearing practices. Specifically producing vibrant contrasted colors, with horizontal pattern flow, spotted legs, rounded ears, large nocturnal eyes, straight profile and strong chin with lean muscled long bodies is the structural goal. Family oriented, cuddly, curious, adventurous members of the family in regards to temperament as well as upmost health through extensive health testing and supportive health guarantees. We stand behind our kittens throughout their lives and offer lifetime support in their development and your education! 

Alexa Rodriguez is a breed preservationist and animal wellness coach including expertise in animal nutrition, along with an extensive background in animal behavior and psychology over the last decade. Alexa is an exclusive raw feeder for her breeding program and has been raw feeding since 2016. Alexa has worked in rescue for 15 years with a focus on fostering and raising kittens for shelters and rescue organizations. She is very experienced in raising a variety of species including dogs, wolf dogs, horses, including some wildlife as a volunteer rehabilitator. She is also an accomplished horse trainer specializing in behavior as well as a silver medalist dressage rider and trainer over the last 20 years. Her husband is a Canine Behaviorist over the last 20 years, they both have worked together on extensive behavioral cases including fear, aggression and certain medical conditions utilizing her skills in (natural and conventional) medicine, behavior and animal communication. Her passion is within the relationship development between animals and their humans.

Our Bengal Cats and Kittens live with us in an extremely loving home and nurturing environment where Health, Welfare and Socialization is of upmost importance.

We are proud to be cared for by UC Davis and Optimal Selection by Wisdom Panel in genetic health testing, PCR testing by IDEXX and Zoologix, Echocardiogram screening by DVM Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Peggy Sayer with CARE Vet Hospital, Rutherfordton Vet Hospital and DVM Dr. DeHaan with Caring Holistic Services.​

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