Upcoming Pairings 2021

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Elysian Bengals' Elysian Genestealer aka Cayde Seal Silver Marble Lynx (A/A cs/cs I/i) X Bougie Bengal's Crystallized Stirling Spotted Silver (Apb/A C/cb I/i)

Produce: 50% Apb/A, 50% A/A
Possible Colors: Silver, Seal silver mink, Brown, Seal mink

Possible Pattern: Spotted and Marble
Litter expected (approximately): October 2021

Ready to go home (approximately): February 2022

This is a fantastic pairing designed for health, temperament and breed standard. Our dear friend and mentor, Meghan Waals of Elysian Bengals was kind enough to allow Cayde for an exclusive breeding opportunity for our Queen. Cayde is a fantastic proven producer with multiple babies that are successful therapy cats, amazing color/structure, high genetic diversity, as well as, a loving personality. Stirling is Bougie Bengal's homegrown queen. We love her large eyes, medium length tail, spotted feet, dense markings and rounded ears. This gorgeous girl is the first to greet new people, she loves car rides and lots of water! 

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Elysian Dark Genesis “Genesis” spotted silver charcoal male (Apb/Apb E/E B/B C/C D/D I/i) x Summit Bunny of BougieBengals “Bunny” spotted mink female  (A/A E/E B/B cb/cs D/D)


Produce: 5th generation (G5) 100% Apb/A

Possible colors: Brown, Silver

Possible pattern: Spotted

Litter expected (approximately): December 2021

Ready to go home (approximately): April 2022


Our dear friend and mentor, Meghan Waals of Elysian Bengals was kind enough to allow Genesis for an exclusive breeding opportunity for our Queen Bunny. Genesis is an absolutely stunning black silver charcoal spotted Bengal. Genesis loves showing off and is extremely sweet. He shows a long lean body, big round eyes, strong chin, thicker tail, wide nose, blunt tail tip, nice whisker pads, high contrast, dark dense marking. Not only is he gorgeous,  but he is also extremely accomplished in the show hall including, Father of TICA's first ever Supremed Charcoal SGC BengalLily Mamba Sheikh,

one of the first registered charcoals in TICA and in 2019 11x Best Cat in New Traits in TICA for the acceptance of the charcoal pattern effect.


Bunny is a striking 4th generation (G4) spotted mink Bengal. She shows beautiful structure such as medium to small ears, strong chin, spotted legs, full whisker pads, short/medium length tail, small lean body, large aqua colored eyes, wide nose bridge, high contrast and a stunning pattern flow with large rosettes. Bunny is small and mighty at only 7lbs. The asian leopard wild cat is known as a smaller tree dweller and she fits that description very well. She is the ultimate tree dweller and loves to climb. When she’s chatty, she is usually telling me what a great time she is having while climbing. She is very bonded to me and loves to cuddle under the covers. She enjoys outdoor walks on the leash and her best kitty friend is Princess our 11 year old senior domestic cat.