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Talulah 2 year old Silver Spotted Retired Adult Female

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Introudicng Talulah silver spotted retired adult female

Talulah is a breathtaking 2-year-old silver spotted Bengal, gracefully retired from our breeding program due to no fault of her own as we are downsizing. She is incredibly special and such a joy to have around. She shows a stunning clear coat and remarkable pattern density, which set her apart. Her large, rounded eyes, a mesmerizing light shade of green. The horizontal flow of her spots, combined with puffy whisker pads, accentuates her delicate features. Despite her smaller stature at around 8lbs, she carries the majestic presence of her wild ancestors.

Talulah comes from successful show lines from both parents. She really enjoys the show hall. Her sweet nature always made it a joy for her to meet new friends at the show. Talulah is not just seen but heard. She engages in delightful conversations, responding with soft meows when you talk to her. She will even get happy chats when you're petting her. Her vocal expressions add a unique charm to her personality, making every interaction with her an engaging experience. True to her breed's reputation, Talulah shares a special bond with dogs, particularly cherishing their company. She would do best living with a dog that will be tolerant to her loving nature.

Talulah's heart holds a special place for Vulcan, a year-old 5th generation mink spotted Bengal, also retired from our program and looking for his forever family. She does well with other cats, however I feel she would be happiest to stay with her friend Vulcan, offering them the comfort of familiarity and companionship. Her zest for life is evident in her love for fetch and the cat wheel, showcasing her playful spirit. She enjoys the simple pleasures of cuddles and lap snuggles, making her the perfect companion for cozy evenings. She is very cooperative during nail trimmings and has never had any health issues.

Her easygoing nature extends to her grooming and care taking, making her care a joy rather than a chore. Talulah, with her exquisite beauty, loving heart, and spirited personality, is ready to find her forever family. If you're enchanted by her story and can offer her (and hopefully Vulcan) a loving home where they can thrive, we invite you to reach out.

Below is a video sharing Talulah and Vulcan together <3

Additional videos of Talulah:

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