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Vulcan 1.5 year old mink spotted retired adult male

Updated: 6 days ago

Introducing Vulcan 1.5 year old mink spotted retired adult male

Vulcan is a 5th generation mink spotted male that has been retired from our breeding program due to no fault of his own as we are downsizing. He is incredibly special and kind hearted. He is full of life with a lot of playful energy and a total goofball. He is a big boy weighing in around 13 pounds of great density and muscle tone. His coat is super silky soft with great contrast. He also shows wonderful structure including a beautiful expression, straight profile with a strong chin, puffy whisker pads, spotted legs, puffy nose leather, thick tail and large aqua colored eyes.

His mother is Bunny our 4th generation Bengal and his dad is a silver seal lynx Ragnarok a very successful quadruple grand champion in the show ring. Vulcan has been a very healthy and happy boy, he was genetically tested with clear results as well as heart screened by our cardiologist with normal results. The cardiologist heard an innocent heart murmur (grade 1). A heart murmur is an abnormal sound that is created by turbulent blood flow in the heart, our cardiologist shared that this grade of mumur is considered benign (not harmful) meaning there is no underlying heart issues that is causing the abnormality.

Vulcan travels well and joins me at the show venues however he's a bit shy to really show his wonderful personality within the show ring. He is a great babysitter to our kittens that are getting use to showing and adjusts really well when we travel together. I'd imagine joining a new family he similarly will be a bit shy to start, but will adjust to show off his loving personality. He loves to cuddle in your lap, give kisses on your hands and face, loves chin scratches and belly rubs, he's super lovable and loves to connect with his people. He is also great with dogs and enjoys spending time with them. He is great on the harness and has done really well traveling with me as an adventure kitty.

He is not super chatty but will have a good time trilling when he's having fun running around the house. Vulcan has great litter box habits and since he was a baby does pee standing, so he would need a tall sided or enclosed litter box to suit him. He also loves his cat wheel, it would be ideal for his new home to plan to have a cat wheel for him to be able to enjoy. He is good with nail trims, but will be squirmy so he would do best with someone that is patient with him.

He also has a love for our other retired adult, Talulah that is looking for her forever family as well. They are bonded and truly trust each other for some really fun rough housing Bengal play. I would love for them to be able to join a household together. As you can see Vulcan loves other cats, but boys will be boys and he loves to rough house so he would do best in a home with Talulah or as an only cat. This special boy will provide so much fun and love to his future family as he has done with our family.

Below is a video sharing Vulcan and Talulah together <3

Additional videos of Vulcan:

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